Документы "Первой Помощи" при проблемах с Деревом

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Документы "Первой Помощи" при проблемах с Деревом

Сообщение Юрий Беляков » 15 мар 2006, 14:37

Если у Вас возникают проблемы с Деревом каталогов, рекомендуется обратить внимание на материалы Novell,
возможно, что Ваши проблемы уже были рассмотрены и решение этих проблем нашло отражение в документах, ссылки на которые предоставлены в настоящей теме.

Removing a Crashed Server from the NDS Tree
When a server's hardware has crashed, failed or a server has been taken out of a Directory Services tree without properly removing DS from that server, several steps need to be taken to ensure that the remaining servers can synchronize correctly and that if necessary, the server can be replaced and re-inserted into the Directory Services tree.

List of DSREPAIR Switches

NDS/eDirectory Health Check Procedures - Cross Platform
To maintain NetWare Directory Services (NDS/eDirectory) health, and as a preventative measure you should perform the following operations once a week for a dynamic directory environment, and once a month for a static directory environment on every server.

Health Check Procedures for NDS eDirectory on Supported Platforms
This AppNote outlines regular health check procedures for Novell Directory Services (NDS) or eDirectory. The procedures are given for running the health checks in several of the supported platforms for eDirectory: NetWare, UNIX/Linux, and Windows NT/2000.

Processing stuck obituaries in All DS versions

Troubleshooting NDS Problems
Novell Directory Services (NDS) problems can range from minor irritations that eventually resolve themselves to significant corruption of the NDS database that only Novell Technical Services (NTS) can fix. This article focuses on NDS problems that fall somewhere between these two extremes. The types of NDS problems discussed in this article require you to do some troubleshooting but do not require you to know the inner workings of NDS in particular or client-server databases in general.

Troubleshooting NDS in NetWare 5 with DSREPAIR and DSTRACE
Discover the new features that await in the new NetWare 5 versions of these trusty NDS utilities, and get some insight on how to use them to troubleshoot NDS.

Obituary Troubleshooting in eDirectory
Obituaries are created when an eDirectory object is DELETED, MOVED, RENAMED or RESTORED. The obituary itself is an attribute of the object on which the change took place. The reason an obituary attribute is created is to maintain database consistency between real copies of the object and external references of the changed object.

Subordinate Replicas stuck in a NEW state

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