Disabling NMAS on the Server

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Disabling NMAS on the Server

Сообщение Владимир Горяев » 25 май 2004, 11:25

Собственно проблема
Technical Information Document
Error: The Password could not be changed, Error ffffec1 (-319) - TID10090818 (last modified 05APR2004)


Novell Client 4.9 Support Pack 1


Error: The Password could not be changed, Error ffffec1 (-319)

(Error -319) An internal program error has occurred

Error: -319

Advanced Password Policy support with the Novell Client


The current Novell Client is NOT aware of the new Advanced Password policies (Universal Password Policies) and does not give meaningful error messages when the policies are not met.


Enabled Universal Passwords, included in eDirectory 8.7.3, via the Password Management Plugin in iManager.


Verify the password that the user is typing meets the Password Policy as setup by the Adminstrator

To verify the error is related to Universal Password (NMAS) do the following at the server console:


Attempt to change the password from the Novell Client (CTRL+ALT+DEL)


Look for errors such as:

Error: -16008 checkPasswordSyntaxPolicy: Minimum numeric characters

This has been reported to engineering and is currently under investigation

NW51SP7, iManager и Password Management Plugin in iManager отсуствуют :cry:
К C1 плагинов соответствующих я не нешел.
Error: -16008 нету

Пока сделано след.
Disabling NMAS on the Server
NMAS is defined as a core service after it is installed because other services (such as
eDirectoryeDirectory) might auto-integrate to use NMAS features. Because of these
dependencies, it is not possible to fully uninstall this release of NMAS. However, you can disable
NMAS on a server-by-server basis by performing the following steps:
1 Remove the nmas.nlm file in sys:\system.
2 Restart the server.
Но раздражают сообщения
Loading module SASL.NLM
Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Version 1.02 3 December 2003
Copyright 2002-2003 Novell, Inc.
Module SASL.NLM cannot be loaded until NMAS.NLM is loaded
Error processing External Records.
Module SASL.NLM NOT loaded

Может к C1 плагины есть для Universal Password?
Никто не боролся с NMAS?
Бардак автоматизировать невозможно!!!
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