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Для тех, кто пользуется Skype

СообщениеДобавлено: 28 окт 2005, 17:49
Павел Гарбар
- New Skype tool: SkypeWise
Our partner TOFFA has released a new plug-in for Novell's GroupWise. It integrates Skype and GroupWise and brings all Skype and GroupWise contacts together in one place. It allows to call Skype contacts who email you, make SkypeOut calls to your contacts who aren’t on Skype yet. You’ll also be able to call the sender of received emails, see when your are online, start instant message conversations to follow up emails. The Skype plug-in works with GroupWise 5.5 onwards, including the latest GroupWise 7. More info and download of the software at http://www.toffa.com/product/view.php?p ... 5552111280