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СообщениеДобавлено: 14 окт 2002, 11:12

Changes made in DS v10350.07
(Supersedes 10330.03)
- When searching on the 'Member' attribute using iterators eDir crashes
- Closing Semephor does not work with eDirectory 8.6 on Windows2000 (This fix is in NCPEngine.dlm)
- novell.jclient.JClient.moveEntry(Native Method) causes ndsd to core
- If a login to NDS is done through LDAP bind, no event is generated
********- Potential security issue resolved **********
- A search express works with SearchToCB but fails with createIterator with a -649
- Schema cache has too many critical section locks
- PurgeTrustee Abend
- New password creation/modification fails with encryption. Bind fails for simple passwords
- NCPDS79v0ReadReferences packs buffer incorrectly - loses data
- Abend synching after "declare new epoch" in mixed tree

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