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Сообщение Vladimir Kozak » 23 ноя 2004, 13:31

Following these steps will keep users from moving subdirectories from location to location, or deleting the subdirectories and still allow them to create or make changes to those files in the subdirectory.

1. Create a directory in root or a subdirectory on a volume (example: create a user home directory).
2. Use Filer or NWadmin, or ConsoleOne, highlight the Volume Object, then the Directory you want to control, right click, and set the attributes to DELETE INHIBIT, and RENAME INHIBIT.

This will keep users from moving directories and will still allow them to create and add files to those directories.

Another solution that several customers recommended as having all but eliminated occurrences of this issue:

Change the number of pixels that the mouse must move with the button clicked for Windows Explorer to recognize it as a drag. You can easily try this if you install TweakUI from the Microsoft PowerToys, and look at the mouse sensitivity section under General. It sets these 2 keys:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\DragHeight

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\DragWidth

The default for both values is 2. If you increase these to 15 for example, then the user has to hold down the mouse button and drag the item for quite a way before explorer will move it.

This of course is not stopping the user from moving a directory if they really want to, but can reduce if not eliminate the "accidental" moves causes by unintentional mouse actions.


We only grant the "S" right to top level NetWare/NDS admins and never
grant "A". I have put a plain text file in a directory, then set an IRF
of only "S" on the plain text file. The plain text file does not show
up to normal users, they still have their normal [RWCEMF] rights to the
subdirectory and can not by accident move or delete the directory.

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