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Не работает синхронизация времени по NTP-серверу в NW 4.11 !

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 15:10
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
в debug-окне пишет
Weight = 00, offset.h = 00000000 offset.l = 00000000
Смотрю tcpdump-ом на linux-овом роутере - Novell ВООБЩЕ не пытается выйти в I-net !!! Хотя ping на этот сервер с Новела проходит нормально.

# Configuration Parameters from server ......

Configured Sources = OFF
Directory Tree Mode = ON
Hardware Clock = ON
Polling Count = 3
Polling Interval = 600
Service Advertising = ON
Synchronization Radius = 2000

# Configured time source list from server .........

Time Source = BITSY.MIT.EDU
Time Source =

NW 4.11 + SP9

А теперь,внимание, вопрос (буммммм....) - что делать ?

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 17:12
Andrey Karyagin
Версия 4.x вообще ничего не знает про NTP!
Нужна 5.x или 6.x.

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 17:49
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
А что же делать ? Как же мне поддерживать точное время на сервере ?

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 18:10
Andrey Karyagin
Time Sync Program for Novell Netware servers
This program is shareware. You should read the file REGISTER.TXT.

Time is critical. In the Netware environment, time is critical twice.

First, on every login, station synchronizes its clock with Netware server.
Sometimes only few minutes of time difference can directly affect money -
logging telephone calls or logging employee coming in/out of work being only
two examples. However, it is nothing unusual for common PC motherboard used in
the Netware servers to make several minutes difference per day.

Second, in the Netware 4.x environment time stamps are critical for proper
funtion of the NDS.

Yes, there are solutions - usually expensive ones. Radio clock like DCF 77
requires expensive hardware, not saying problems in more distant locations
from the transmitter, where two bit error makes the same parity as no error -
and you can easily have clock set several hours apart, which is of course
exact opposite of what you wanted - more precise clock.

Easiest - and least expensive - solution is here. Only thing you need is
Internet access. You can have leased line, or dial-up account. If your Netware
server is behind some form of firewall, if you are behing some form of NAT
(Network Address Translator), you are lucky man. If you are behind some
socks/proxy, you are out of luck. You need TELNET protocol to go from inside
of your network to the outside world. Two examples of working NATs are Intel
Inbussiness Internet Station, or server with Novell BorderManager. (If you use
BorderManager, you can easily set this software to run on this border server,
and set it as Single Reference time server even if you don't othewise use
this machine for file and print services.)

On the Internet there are several time servers. They belong to the NIST
(National Institute of Standards and Technology), Time and Frequency division.
You can contact any of these server with Telnet client on port 13 (i.e. use
command TELNET 13). You'll see line like

51000 98-07-06 13:10:44 50 0 0 50.0 UTC(NIST) *

and then the connection is immediately closed.
This is the method used by the NISTIME.NLM software. If you want complete list
of time servers, or detailed explanation of the time message format, you can
Here you have the list of time servers:
time-a.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov (
time-b.timefreq.bldrdoc.gov (
time-a.nist.gov (
time-b.nist.gov (
time.nist.gov (
time-nw.nist.gov (
utcnist.colorado.edu (
where you'll find detailed descriptions.
Of course, there is chance that the time will be 1 or 2 seconds late due to
Internet transport delays, but I think that having you server synchronised to
the 1 sec error for free is good value for money, isn't it?

How to use the program? Easily. First, you must have TCP/IP installed and
configured on your Netware server. If you don't know how, read manuals, I
will not help you. Copy NISTIME to the SYS:SYSTEM (or you must LOAD it with
the full path specification). Check its function manually, first with -n
parameter (display only, do not change anything). You should have of course
correctly set your TIME ZONE.

Now, download CRON.NLM for free from Novell's web site. This is module for
scheduled automated running of command line commands. Read the documentation,
create the CRONTAB file and put the LOAD CRON command to the AUTOEXEC.NCF
file. Only thing to do now is to create command line for running NISTIME on,
say, every night at 01:00. You can check system console for time differences.
Notification about changing system date and time is also logged in the

Command line parameters are: (you can see them by loading LOAD NISTIME -?):
-a<addr> use time server with address <addr> (default
-n do NOT set server time (for checking purposes)
-p<port> port number override (default 13)

Note: If you are accessing the Internet via dial-up line, first attempt to
connect to the time server can lead to the TCP/IP timeout. Therefore, I
recommend scheduling the NISTIME.NLM twice within few minutes (within the idle
hangup timeout), so the first attempt connects your server/network to the
Internet, and second safely uses already built connection for getting proper
time message.

If the HEALTH value in the time message is different from 0, time is NOT set
(but the time message and time difference is anyway reported to the server

Send any comments, suggestions etc. to: vlizal@vahal.cz

Author : Vladimir Lizal
Foerstrova 33
779 00
Czech Republic

Version: 1.00 13-JUL-98
You'll always find the latest version on http://www.vahal.cz/tech/nist_en.htm

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 18:51
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
Спасибо . Буду смотреть.

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 18:59
Сергей Герасименко
я уже давно ипользую утилитку rdate. не жалуюсью
надо могу выслать , ибо не помню откуда утянул.

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 19:11
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
ссылка нерабочая :-(((

СообщениеДобавлено: 29 ноя 2002, 19:13
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
Сергей Герасименко писал(а):я уже давно ипользую утилитку rdate. не жалуюсью
надо могу выслать , ибо не помню откуда утянул.

Будь добр - вышли !!!
Спасибо !

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СообщениеДобавлено: 02 дек 2002, 17:36
Serg Zelenko aka z_e_v_s
Спасибо - поставил - все работает !!!